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Simple table summary companion

Sometimes it may seem that standard Swing JTable or its close companions like SwingX JXTable are too limited. You don’t have too many funny ways to manipulate them – they are strict rectangular grids, with every row taking fixed amount … Continue reading

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Ultra-powerful tables with SwingX and FilterHeader in just 20 minutes

Remember, you can find all of the articles code and tools, as well as latest additions and changes at project code site,   Previously we’ve created a really powerful addition to the tables – the model which automatically figures … Continue reading

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Easy high performance tables with reflection data binding

Article code can be found at project code site, Swing’s JTable is an extremely powerful component. It allows you do to almost everything with it, include any other components, draw and edit in each cell differently etc. Its model, … Continue reading

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Better control of what SwingWorker does for you

SwingWorker is a great tool and a part of the standard Swing in JDK now. It does crucial job for any decent Swing application – allows us to execute long running heavy tasks on a separate thread in a background … Continue reading

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