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Latest news - June 2011 года - A set of articles on various approaches to create faster, easier to develop and refactor, prototype and adjust requirements for business Java Swing interfaces are now in the process of writing - visit Articles/Notes section. Second edition of my Swing book (Russian) is selling now, visit e-bookstores!

Welcome to IPSoftware.Ru Home! The books on Java and Swing written and translated by Ivan Portyankin are discussed here, some Java and Swing articles and tools could be found here as well. You can also take a look at the forum to search for a complex solution or ask your own question.

Swing: Effective User Interfaces (2-nd ed., 2010)

Famous Russian Java Swing reference is back and it's much better and more complere, detailed and up-to-date with loads of fresh information, 3rd party tools like SwingX, JXLayer and MigLayout and scrupulous investigation of notorious Swing threading model and event handling. Starting with the history of Swing, basics of its cornerstone sister AWT, moving along to extensive detailed investigation of event model and painting system, the book sheds lights to all even the darkest corners of Swing and related APIs. Second edition home page...

Swing: Effective User Interfaces (1st ed., 2005)

Published at the very end of 2004, it's my very first own book devoted to Java Foundation classes, Swing and powerful Java desktop applications. It contains everything to start creating masteful and effective modern Java user interfaces. Couple of weeks, loads of simple step-by-step examples and you are the master of Swing! Sold out for a long time and available only eletronically for the author from this site. First edition home page...

Latest news from Ivan

This year Ivan Portyankin is consulting companies in California, US and creates complex user interfaces and distributed systems. He can be available for consulting your project or company for a wide range of Java Swing/Enterprise problems, and can provide an access to a team of sophisticated developers and architects with top notch experience and education.
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